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Блог Олега Анисимова

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Нигерийское письмо от соратника Януковича
Мошенники, расводящие лохов по электронной почте, чётко чувствуют политическую конъюнктуру. Раньше представлялись юристами или родственниками африканских диктаторов, теперь вот приближённый Виктора Януковича решил попросить меня посодействовать в выводе 35 миллионов долларов.

I am Leonid Lavrynovych. I was one of  Mr Andriy Kliuyev’s aid and the most confidential and trusted of the staff. Mr Kliuyev who used to be the Head of the Presidential Administration during the reign of president Viktor Yanukovych who was president of Ukraine from 25th February 2010 until last year.

I am in custody of a huge amount of money I would like to invest in real estate or your line of business in your country. Contact me if you are capable and suitable for partnership and I will provide the funds for the investment. I personally participated in the diversion of funds on behalf of my boss for the president. Shortly before the political upheaval in Ukraine, Mr Kliuyev secretly ordered me to divert the total sum of 35mil USD for him but I smartly used my name as the depositor of the diverted 35mil USDollars before his government was toppled. The money is presently deposited with a financial institution in my name and I need your cooperation to re-profile the funds in your name to enable us invest the funds in your country. I will furnish you with further details when I hear from you.

Your quick response will be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Leonid Lavrynovych

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Письмо от соратника В.Ф.Я.

Собственно получила точно такое же. Наверное и на этом удается заработать, если вот уже более 3 месяцев такие письма кружат по почтовым ящикам :)

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